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Your hometown handyman

Handymansam Sam Cornett

I am a native of Sandpoint and have been in the construction industry for over 10 years. I believe in creating lasting relationships built on clear communication and trust. that building relationships with my clientele famil. As a multi-tool can be used for hundreds of purposes, I live by the philosophy that I am no different. A normal work day may be replacing a new sink to building a website for my clients. Those same trusted clients might ask me to play for a wedding the next day, power wash and re-stain their deck, or repair their computer.  I love the ability to vary my workday and skill set as a handyman.

More important than the services I offer, I offer myself as an honest and trustworthy person who has your best interests in mind. A job should be done right and standing behind my work is paramount. I promise to provide you with an honest, reliable and quality handyman service.

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